Manufacturing and Trading Company Inter-Zoo was established in 1996 by Małgorzata and Tadeusz Sawicki, and since that time specializes in manufacturing the highest quality cages for small domesticated animals. As of today, the production facility and warehouses (total area of 13000 square meters) are situated in Osieczany, 30 kilometres south of Cracow.

Trying to compete on the evergrowing market we pay a lot of attention to the looks and quality of our products, during both the designing and manfucaturing porcesses. It is possible due to the company’s steady and ongoing progress.   Many investments are made annually on the plant’s site, with new technologies and innovatie solutions being implemented to the manufacturing process. Thanks to the highly qualified employees and-state-of-the-art machines our products comply with European standards, what was recognized by clients from over 25 countries, including: Germany, Great Britain, Norway and Russia.

There are over 350 models of cages in the company’s offer, all of which are made of the highest quality materials. A lot of emphasis is put on the aesthetic value of workmanship, carefully assorting every detail to make sure that the products are both safe for animals and work well as an elegant decoration for your home.

Inter-Zoo stands out among the companies on the market because the comapny itself creates and manufactures all of the items in its offer, starting with the idea, leading to the project and the final product. That is why the produced cages and accessories are characterized by high durability and unique design, thereby reaching the expectations of even the most demanding customers

We aim for perfection in our work, that is why we are the market leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. Our biggest assets include the wide range of user-friendly an safe-for-animals products, flexibility and short lead times. We reached our position largely thanks to the openness to the clients suggestions.

We would like to invite You to see our offer, simultaneously encouraging the establishment of cooperation.

About our company

INTER-ZOO operates since 1996 as the manufacturer of cages and accessories for your pets. We produce cages for birds, dogs, cats, and small pets. Our products provide varoius spatial and colouristic compositions. Thanks to the continuous dialogue with the recipients (e.g. zoological wholesaler) our products, in terms of quality and stock numbers, reach the clients high expectations.

Our products are designed by experienced constructors and designers, whose minds are set on porviding the best possible conditions for your pets. High quality, aesthetics, competitive prices, and short lead times are our main assets. Speciality: cages for birds and small pets. By presenting our offer we would also like to propose cooperation, assuring that it would be fruitful for both sides.

Osieczany 365
32-400 Myślenice
tel. (012) 274 27 92
tel./fax (012) 274 27 18
e-mail: biuro@inter-zoo.pl