Our offer has been enriched by the new wooden accessories.

During this year we introduce a lot of improvement, which made our products more interesting and modern for customers. One of them is improve new technology, which enable  to create every shape of  wooden parts of equipment.

First stage of transformation process including wooden floors. In products which contain wooden floors, the old version was replaced by new. The new look of wooden floors are definitely more modern and perfectly finished.

Change is following in below cages:

We are inviting to acquaint oneself with our new offer.

As soon as possible we present the new wide offer with different wooden accessories.

About our company

INTER-ZOO operates since 1996 as the manufacturer of cages and accessories for your pets. We produce cages for birds, dogs, cats, and small pets. Our products provide varoius spatial and colouristic compositions. Thanks to the continuous dialogue with the recipients (e.g. zoological wholesaler) our products, in terms of quality and stock numbers, reach the clients high expectations.

Our products are designed by experienced constructors and designers, whose minds are set on porviding the best possible conditions for your pets. High quality, aesthetics, competitive prices, and short lead times are our main assets. Speciality: cages for birds and small pets. By presenting our offer we would also like to propose cooperation, assuring that it would be fruitful for both sides.

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